The Foundation Byggekologi

This non-profit trust was founded by Bengt Jildmalm, and is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

The Foundation Byggekologi (roughly meaning “construction ecology”) came into being in December of 2019 and will be built up by donations and therefore be able to concern itself with subject areas and tasks far more wide-ranging than otherwise possible. The foundation is willing to support and donate to other foundations aiming for similar goals.


Its principal purpose is to work toward and contribute to a resilient and healthy environment based on the profound principles of life on Earth. The results will show, for example, in a nontoxic, ecologically sustainable built environment and a far-reaching reduced climate impact. The foundation supports people and organizations working towards this aim.

The aims and purposes of the foundation are as follows:

·       To promote projects regarding efficient and resilient energy cycles.

·       To promote projects working toward a healthy environment from a social aspect.

·       To promote projects featuring a healthy environment in collaboration between urban and rural communities.

·       To promote information, education, innovation, and research in accordance to the aims and purposes of the foundation.

·       To cooperate with other foundations within and outside of Sweden.

·       To hand out scholarships in accordance to the aims and purposes of the foundation.

·       To run projects of its own in accordance to the aims and purposes of the foundation.

Board of directors 2022: Torkel Andersson, Charlotta Berggren, Maria Block, Mauritz Glaumann, Åke Jansson & Nils Söderlund.

 There is an independent network of people linked to the foundation and it is important that they all work toward the same purpose.


Projects 2020–2024:

 Project: Almedalen

Every summer since 2016 people in the network Byggekologi have visited Almedalen, Visby, on the island of Gotland for one week. Here leaders and members of political parties, companies, nonprofit associations etcetera gather once a year to spread their messages and statements to everyone. People from the Byggekologi network, and other knowledgeable people that want to be fruitful, are invited to, among other things, give lectures and to organize panel discussions at a special place in the city where the network has a platform and the possibility to spread and discuss work and tasks among all people. There you can see model projects shown for their affordable, resilient eco-cycle; modern architecture; and technical solutions with guidance from nature. During this first summer week in July the Foundation Byggekologi Award is announced.


Project: Develop and execute education on energy efficiency in buildings through the strategy of required and seasonally adapted ventilation

In energy-efficient buildings, there is a radical reduction in total energy consumption.

There are different solutions for existing buildings and new buildings – mixing low tech and high tech into a brilliant blend. Good architecture can be created for every climate by combining energy-efficient construction with passive heating and cooling. To reduce energy consumption and achieve a sustainable society, buildings must be energy efficient, and energy conservation measures must be adopted in existing buildings.


The Foundation Byggekologi will share knowledge of energy efficiency in buildings, resulting in low power peaks, systems that are affordable to run, and an excellent indoor climate all year round.


Project: Climate compensation in existent buildings in Sweden

Every new building will have an impact on the climate that needs to be compensated for, otherwise the total impact on the climate will increase. Today, climate compensation is made to a large extent in regard to activities in third world countries – sadly, these compensations may not work as intended. To reach the goal of making Sweden climate neutral in 2045, which is a national goal, the curve of greenhouse gas release must decline fast. Because of that, we need to compensate for climate change in our own country. Pilot studies and projects will be made on how to succeed.


Project: Holistic model building to be planned and actualized

There should be more holistic projects that are constructed and tested according to ideas of good health, sustainability, resilience, efficiency, eco-cycles and adapting to place. The foundation Byggekologi is linked to experts and consultants that have the knowledge and ideas on how to develop and actualize affordable apartment blocks that are unique and inviting to others.




 The Foundation Byggekologi Award is set to 15.000 SEK and is announced during the first week of July every year to a person or an organization that in the way of life or work shows that it’s possible to organize a modern life in our built environment that keep within the boundaries of what nature is able to take care of.